...'you've got your whole life to do something and that's not very long...' Ani DiFranco

10:51 a.m., Monday, July 21, 2003
Soon to be here.
[by Beth] comments?

11:43 a.m., Monday, November 25, 2002
I updated a few links.

It doesn't mean I'm back. But you can keep your fingers crossed.
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22.30pm, Wednesday 24 April 2002
Well, I should be in bed, but I'm here.

I don't have time for this any more. Hopefully, you realised this from the fact I've not updated for the last month. I'm sorry, but I've lost my internet access in work, and I don't have enough time at home to keep up with my emails - never mind anything else. I'm so, so far behind, and right now I don't really know that I can ever catch up.

This isn't goodbye (unless of course you want it to be) even though I can barely remember that I need to put paragraph breaks at the end of my sentences in pitas.com. It's been too long.

I still get my news updates. I'll find a way round this.

I want to say 'promise' but instead I'll say 'I hope'.

In the meantime - I'm out and about, living my life. I hope you're doing the same. Love Beth xxx
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"practice random kindness and acts of senseless beauty"

go on... go out and do this now. leave some money in the coffee machine so someone gets a free drink. wash someone else's coffee mug in work without telling them. buy a friend flowers 'just because'. stick up a poem on a noticeboard. go and ask in an old people's home if there is anyone who doesn't ever get visitors and sit with them for a while. smile at a stranger. let someone pull out of a side street in front of you. call your mum or dad or grandparents to tell them you love them. make someone a cake. draw this saying and stick it on a noticeboard where people will see.

spread beauty through your life. you can change the world like this.

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